My brand story

I love to read about cultures and fashion of a place especially Africa. We are such a diverse and interesting people. I love to know why the yorubas use Aso oke and the Igbo use Akwaete and so on. I love to know how Bogolan prints are made in Mali with fermented mud. I love to know the meaning of the symbols on Nsibidi fabric. I love to share these stories too.

One day, I saw a woman wearing a dress made of Nsibidi fabric. I stopped and asked her if she knew that the cloth she was wearing was used by a secret cult in igbo land. There she goes,”God forbid, God forbid”. She said.
I laughed out loud and told her the whole story. She was all smiles by the end of our conversation.

So when I was going to build a brand, I knew I should tell these stories in my designs. And I wanted every one to be a part of it. Not that it made any difference but imagine knowing that what u are wearing brings luck or was made for fertility or was made to remember Queen Elizabeth first visit to nigeria. It incites some kind of feeling in you. Knowing that am going for an interview today, I may decide to wear this pant because it was made to bring luck. Lol.

In essence, my brand tells beautiful african stories through the indigneous african fabric that I use to make them. The pieces are wardrobe stables for men and women so that everyone can share in these beautiful stories.

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