About my latest collection. “Urban Africa”

This collection reflects the core of the brand. The concept is using African indigeneous fabric to create wardrobe staples for the african woman. By indigeneous our choice of fabric was Bologonais from Mali and Adire from Western Nigeria.

The collection features dresses (long, short and three quarter lengths). It also has kimono jackets, shorts, shirts and pants. Just a modern day staple for every woman.
Other key features that replicates in the styles are ruffles and lots of it. It represents the bushes. Headscarf and barefoot too. Typical of a core african woman right?

The fabrics are 100% cotton hence very comfortable and cool on the skin. The styles are not so elaborate hence I tried to make it wearable and easy yet very stylish for every formal and informal occasion.

There is something in it for every woman.
You can also shop these pieces here

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